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What is Twigflo?

Twigflo is a project design tool that gives you and your team a place to brainstorm, visualize, and communicate your project plans in a flowchart-like interface.

Twigflo has helped more than 200 project teams plan and complete their most complex projects.

What is Twigflo?

Twigflo is an intelligent project design tool that leverages the power of reverse-planning to take your project designs to the next level.

The inspiration for Twigflo comes from 100+ professionals and decades of research concluding one thing - there is a better way of planning for success. Reverse planning, sometimes referred to as backcasting or backwards planning, enables project designers to align effort to business goals while reducing nonsensical work. You and your team can think of tasks required to reach your goals more clearly, especially when goals were complex to plan.
Twigflo was created for project teams tired of missing deadlines and under-delivering on promises because of false assumptions made and misalignment at the start. Our lean approach to project planning, mixed with an emphasis on visual communication, will transform the way your team plans and executes success.

Plan for success, not mediocrity

Go from guessing in spreadsheets
"Let's price what we typically price, which we always exceed..."
"We'll figure out what we need to do later..."
To planning with accuracy
Design a project you're excited to share. Reap the benefits of early alignment, visual communication, and accurate forecasting.
1. Set goals
State a clear and achievable goal.
2. Add and align steps
Build faster than you can say Twi...
3.  Apply costs and time
Place costs and time to each step.
4. Share
Share with your team and avoid more meetings.
5. Action
Make updates during the project in the same place you designed it.
6. Report
Report through your design or metric reports in Twigflo.
7. Pivot at the speed of light
Change directions fast and with ease.
8. Template
Effortlessly create an organization-wide knowledge bank.
9. Learn
Onboard new members with roadmaps that make sense.
Welcome to the next generation of project design
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