Product Announcement

Introducing: Mission Reporting and Detangling Optimization

Reverse plan your way into reporting and time to detangle!

October 20, 2022
Alex Busby

Hey Twigflo community!

We're thrilled to introduce mission reporting and detangling optimization this month!

Mission reporting

In addition to visualizing your project roadmap in our revolutionary mission diagram, you can now visualize key project metrics with Twigflo's new reporting feature! Understand count of twigs by status, used and remaining hours + budget, and milestone reporting, all in one place.

And that's just the beginning! We're gearing up to add more data visualizations and custom options.

Detangling optimization

Our second most requested item from users, and definitely something we've been looking forward to ourselves, is now here. Tired of seeing twigs all tied up? Now you can detangle in a split second. Collapse and expand all twigs from your goal and watch our optimization algorithm detangle your twigs and place them just as you wanted them.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates

That's all for now! Look out for more new features, updates, and bug fixes coming soon to a reverse planning tool near you!