Product Announcement

Introducing Templates, Preview, New Dashboard Look, Duplicate & More

Build mission diagrams faster and with ease

October 27, 2022
Alex Busby

Hey Twigflo community!

We're thrilled to introduce templates, preview, a new dashboard look, duplicate, and a couple other features!


Our favorite of the new features on this list. Project plans are hard to make. They take time, input from others, craftsmanship. To ensure you don't have to redo the hard work you and your team put in the next time you need to create a similar plan, you can create a template! 

Templates will allow your organization to reuse best practices, learn from the past, and improve processes for the better.

Check out how to create templates here:


Building in Twigflo is fun when you get the hang of it. To help you and your team build faster and with more confidence we've added a preview feature. With preview you can see where the task will be placed before you hit save!

Updated dashboard look

You most likely have more than 1 project under your belt at any given time. Seeing where they are, how many days remain, and if anything needs your attention at a single glance is vital to staying ahead of any potential issue.

The new dashboard experience will give you quick insights across all missions before diving into specifics.


Sticking with the "build fast" motif, we're excited to introduce duplicate! Simply select a task, click the duplicate icon, and reuse the task and all of its information within a given mission!

Show details toggle

Want more details, toggle show details on! Tired of all the details, toggle it off! Simple as that.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates

That's all for now! Look out for more new features, updates, and bug fixes coming soon to a reverse planning tool near you!