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Bricks in a wall? Breakout!

Frank Font

A wall of sticky notes is just a wall of sticky notes to a person seeing it for the first time. 

  • What’s the objective? 
  • How do the individual work items come together? 
  • Are there sub-objectives?

The wall alone does not tell enough at a glance.

Too many words and uncaptured connections.

In contrast, a glance at a Twigflo Mission Diagram immediately tells a workable tale.

  • What is the objective? That’s on the right. 
  • How do you get there? Follow the arrows.
  • Everything comes together visually.

Follow the Arrows

Collaborate to align on a shared common vision and get to work using Mission Diagrams - they tell stories themselves without a thousand words.

Is a Mission Diagram challenging to construct?

  • No, it’s as easy as putting sticky notes on a wall but far more informative.

Is a Mission Diagram just a drawing?

  • No, it’s a living connected information vehicle that can automatically estimate time, effort, and completion dates.

Does a wall of sticky notes have embedded AI to automatically suggest work breakdowns?

Try it yourself at no cost atTwigflo.com today.