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Use Artificial Intelligence for Brainstorming

Frank Font

Confusion. Procrastination. Trepidation. Consternation. There are many reasons we sometimes do not start collaborating and planning as soon as we should.

Sometimes we just need a helpful nudge, such as a way to organize our thoughts in an unfamiliar topic to start us in the right direction.

When it comes to planning a mission in a topic that is new to us, it can help to brainstorm with someone that is familiar with that subject. Ideally, we get ideas from someone that is an expert. Experts are hard to find sometimes when we need them. At least human experts are.

Brainstorm with an Expert Anytime

Thanks to the technology behind ChatGPT you’ve got 24 hour access to a collaborator with an internet’s worth of expertise. And you don’t have to pay this expert anything.

We’ve tapped into the insights produced by the latest innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) so suggested activities are always one click away when you are brainstorming your way into a new mission plan.

What topics can the Twigflo planning expert help you with? 

Any topic. Work or play.

Here are some examples. Please try some yourself too!

Get a Collaboration Started on Building a Data Pipeline in MuleSoft

Let’s name the objective of our mission. Let the AI get us started.

And presto, let’s start diagramming from this starting point.

Learn to Paraglide

Paragliding might be considered an extreme sport by some -- you are up in the air with cords and fabric flying around. What would it take to learn to do this?

The AI gives us some ideas on how to structure our plan right away.

And our mission is nicely laid out for us to drill into details as we see fit.

Build an AWS Static Website

There are several big Cloud vendors, and Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) is the biggest. What would we need to do if we wanted to deploy a static website into that environment?

The AI has some good ideas on what we will need to do.

We automatically get a diagram with suggested ideas. We can add more details as we see fit. The AI can jump in anytime we ask for more help.

What missions will you come up with? 

The examples above demonstrate that the AI in Twigflo can go beyond what you’ll probably need in your planning activities.  

You’ve got an expert on-tap giving insights directly in your plan as you build it.

Work or play. Whatever your plan.

Easy to start. Just the helpful nudge we need sometimes. We can venture into new planning areas faster than ever before.

No payment required to use Even the expert is free.